Basic Information About Bacterial Vaginosis

For various reasons, vaginal infections are a common problem that most women will face from time to time during the course of their life. The most common infection of this type is known as bacterial vaginosis BV. Although it is extremely common, there is some basic information that all women should educate themselves with regarding the issue.

Generally speaking, this condition is caused by a bacterial infection of the vaginal region. Bacterial growth in the vagina is actually normal, with “good” bacteria battling the “bad” bacteria on a daily basis. However, when the balance of these bacteria is interrupted, it can lead to the overgrowth of one particular bacteria over another which can then manifest in a nasty BV infection.

Although this problem is normal, there are some potentially dangerous circumstances that all women should be aware of. Often, pregnant women with bacterial vaginosis have their children early or with a low birth weight. This problem can also cause pelvic inflammatory disease, which is an infection of the uterus and fallopian tubes that can cause infertility. It can also increase the risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases.

The symptoms of this condition will vary from person to person. Often, a woman will exhibit no obvious signs of the problem. However, most women will experience varying degrees of vaginal discharge, as well as an identifiable fishy odor. Some vaginal discharge is completely normal, however, if you are noticing abnormal flows or frothy texture, it is very important that you speak to a doctor as you may have a case of BV.

This issue is usually caused by a developing imbalance of the normal bacteria of the area. Unfortunately, there is no clear consensus about the causes of these imbalances, but there are things a woman can do to lower their risk. Engaging in sexual activity with multiple partners, either females or males, as well as smoking and frequent douching can increase risk.

Common treatment options for BV typically take the form of antibiotics which are prescribed by a qualified medical professional. These usually take the form of a cream that is applied directly to the area, or a pill that can be ingested. There are also small capsules that can be deposited inside the vagina, which can bring relief. It should be pointed out that self diagnosis should never be considered, nor seeking homemade or “natural” cures. These often make the condition worse.

It is very difficult to prevent this issue, seeing as how the symptoms do not manifest until the bacterial imbalance is already in place. Taking the proper precautions regarding one’s sex life is very important. Also vital is an appropriate diet and regular exercise, which will keep the body healthy, and in turn, keep an individual’s biological balance intact. Other factors to be wary of are smoking and douches or other feminine products.

Although it has the potential to be embarrassing, it is important that you speak with your doctor. By speaking with a doctor, that person can analyze your personal situation and prescribe the appropriate measures for combating the problem. Rest assured that bacterial vaginosis this is a very natural development that can be treated fairly easily.