Beer Reviews Youngs Double Chocolate Stout

It is no secret that I am a fan of chocolate. To say the least, I love chocolate. My love for chocolate is unsurpassed by any of my peers. I love anything and all things chocolate. Although I have never tried a chocolate covered insect, if one must eat a bug this is certainly the way to go. Chocolate drinks to candy bars, Hershey to Venchi, extra dark to milk chocolate to white, hot, cold, solid or melted it comes out yummy.

I raise my mug of hot chocolate to the Mayans for their discovery and use of the cacao bean some 2,600 years ago and to the Aztecs for introducing this wonderful tasty treat to European explorers and traders. If not for their hospitable offering of the chocolate beverages once reserved for only the highest noblemen chocolate would not be the most recognizable and available flavor in the world as it is today.

My chocolate addiction is so strong that it is no surprise that my curiosity turned to obsession upon learning of a chocolate treat that I had not yet experienced-chocolate beer or chocolate stout for all you sticklers.

For those of you who were not fortunate enough to have read my friend’s blog about Young’s Double Chocolate Stout, it was, most certainly, the single inspiration for my quest to find chocolate beer which led to an excessive “ode to chocolate’ blog of my own*.

My mission led me to a fine foods store nestled in the foothills of the Santa Catalina Mountains. (I must comment that the winding road and the mist covered mountain made this drive quite extraordinary). I purchased a bottle of Young’s Double Chocolate Stout as recommended by my friend along with a bottle of Rouge’s Chocolate Stout and had a taste test. (Note: Natural chocolate flavoring is added to both of these fine stouts after brewing.)

Though I am not usually a stout drinker, the experience was delightful. At perfect room temperature both of these stouts taste like chocolate stout heaven.

Evocative of Guinness and a chocolate bar, the Young’s was all I expected it to be – a warm flavorful mixture of stout and chocolate goodness. I highly recommend it. One must be warned that the Rouge’s has a much richer and darker (if not slightly bitter) chocolate taste than the Young’s, so is not recommended for the occasional chocolate consumer.

I conclude by recommending Young’s to anyone who enjoys new taste experiences and for those seasoned stout drinkers or chocoholics.

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