Building Strength with Isometric Exercise

Isometrics is a form of exercise that involves muscle resistance against another force. Rather than using movement to strengthen the muscle tissue, it uses the force of contraction to build muscle and burn calories. Examples of isometric exercise would be holding your hands with palms resting against each other and pressing them together as hard as you can for several seconds. You will feel the muscles being worked in your arms, shoulders, and pectorals. Standing on a cord and pulling on the end of it is isometrics, as is sucking in your gut.

Traditional strength training requires hours of time and effort to mold your body into the shape you desire and then maintain it. With isometrics, the same result can be accomplished in seconds per day. Some claim that isometrics builds more muscle size and strength than traditional strength building techniques. Isometric exercises will also aid in weight loss and improving overall health, including benefiting the heart and other vital organs.

You don’t need any equipment at all to perform most exercises, but there is some on the market that can give you a helping hand.

Isometric equipment costs a fraction of what traditional home gyms can cost, and is lightweight, easy to use, and portable. Most of the better isometric equipment is designed to allow for a variety of exercises. Some isometric equipment comes with a strength or power meter which enables you to track your progress more accurately than simply looking in a mirror.