Can you tell me about Birds Eye Chicken Burgers

As a person who is always prattling on about not buying processed foods and making everything from scratch, a review from me about frozen chicken burgers may seem a little hypocritical. However, while I make all my own beef burgers and burgers made with minced chicken these breaded chicken burgers really take a lot of beating for a quick chicken burger on a bun or a great alternative for children on the barbecue.

Birds Eye foods of course are a well known brand with a good reputation for good quality food, and these chicken burgers – costing between £1.00 and £1.50 for a 227g box of four – are certainly a product that I have no qualms about buying and serving to my family.

They are found in the freezer section of any supermarket; they come in a recyclable cardboard box and there is no excessive packaging and waste, they are in fact an ideal stand by to keep in your freezer. Nutritionally the burgers are not too bad either – one grilled burger contains 125 calories and 1g saturated fat, with 7.5g protein these burgers can not be classes as unhealthy. They contain 53% chicken (of which all is 100% chicken breast that Bird’s Eye claim come from ‘trusted farms’) and all the ingredients in them are natural – they are however not suitable for any body with gluten, wheat or celery additives.

Enough about the technical details – as with any food what is important is just how they taste! Firstly how do you cook them? Well Birds Eye say that they are ‘Tastiest when GRILLED STRAIGHT FROM THE FREEZER’, however I have to say that I tend to oven bake mine and they are fine. The actual guidelines for cooking the burgers is 10 – 12 minutes under a pre- heated medium grill, turned occasionally or 12 minutes on a baking sheet in the middle of a pre-heated oven (230°C or Fan 210°C or Gas Mark 8) and turned halfway through cooking. To these alternatives I also add the way that they are usually cooked in our household, especially during the summer months, and that is simply cooked on a barbecue, turned regularly to stop burning, for around 10 – 12 minutes, these are always a great favourite with the children at our barbecues. However you do cook them they should always be cooked from frozen.

As regards to appearance and taste I think that the  burgers certainly look very appetizing – with a nice golden brown look to them, I would say that they are pretty small. and while ideal for a child I would prefer to have one larger burger than two of the smaller ones. The burgers taste very good, a definite chicken taste and well seasoned, they are not too salty as many of this type of product tend to be (there is actually 0.4g of salt per burger), the meat inside is soft and tender and the breaded exterior is crisp and tasty.

These burgers are perfect served on a bun with salad and low fat mayonnaise, I have also cut them into strips and served them with peppers and onions in a fajita seasoning inside a wrap for a snack that is just a little different.

I would certainly recommend keeping a pack of these burgers in your freezer, they are economical, tasty and not too naughty; they make a great stand by if called upon to make a quick snack.

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