Can you tell me about Rustlers Chicken Sandwich

I am not normally the type of person who buys microwave meals, or processed foods ay all really; however while out shopping in Sainsbury’s I spotted these Rustler’s Flame Grilled Chicken Sandwiches on offer at £1 and as my husband was out football training later that evening and having a later meal I popped one in for him to have as a quick snack before he went out.

Rustler’s are an Irish company who supply quite a large range of microwave sandwiches and burgers that are designed to be ready in between a minute and a half to two minutes. Looking at the Chicken sandwich on the supermarket shelf I had to admit that it certainly looked like a good bargain for £1 – far more than any you can buy from a fast food chain.

Just what I got for £1 was a sesame seed bun with an un-breaded chicken burger inside it and a generous sized sachet of mayonnaise all housed in a transparent plastic box with a pale yellow peelable lid displaying a rather appetizing looking Chicken Sandwich along with a large Rustlers logo and a prominent slogan boasting “0 to tasty in 70 seconds”. I did notice the nutritional value and saw that the 150g burger contained around 350 calories per burger with 3.1g saturated fat, as this includes the mayonnaise which can be left out, this didn’t seem too excessive for such an item – and I knew that hubby would run off the calories in training. (However I had to use my grey cells to work out the details as annoyingly Rustler’s only tell you the NV per 100g!) The chicken patty is also 85% chicken, and according to Rustler’s is all chicken breast.

As with all chilled product the sandwich should be stored in a refrigerator.

The sell by date was for a couple of weeks so the product would be ideal for keeping as a standby in the refrigerator. There was no indication on the package to say that the product was freezable so I take this as meaning that it doesn’t freeze well – although I fancy it is probably only the mayonnaise that wouldn’t freeze.

Cooking the burger is hardly culinary challenging! The hardest part for me was getting into the package – the ‘peelable’ label refused to peel and I had to resort to the trusty kitchen knife to open it!

Once you open the packet you remove the sandwich on its ‘microwaveable plate’ and put it in the microwave for 70 seconds(1000W microwave), 80 seconds (850W) or 90 seconds (750W) and then let it stand for 30 seconds before adding the mayonnaise.

When I took the chicken sandwich out of the microwave I have to admit that it did smell very good, with a definite chicken smell; I decided to add a little salad to the sandwich under the burger and it certainly looked quite a substantial sandwich – especially for £1. When it came to the taste my husband certainly enjoyed it and begrudgingly allowed me to taste it (for review purposes only of course!); I thought that the bread was the biggest let down as it was just a little too soggy for my liking, and had that ‘microwave’ feel and consistency to it, but the chicken was tasty and all in all I thought that it tasted better than anything I have tasted from McDonalds or Burger King, and at a fraction of the price.

Overall I would say that if you can purchase these sandwiches at the £1 price they are well worth having as a stand by in the fridge and would certainly make a far cheaper, tastier and healthier snack than paying a visit to your local fast food restaurant!

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