Can you tell me about Tesco value Jaffa Cakes

When is a cake not a cake? When it’s a biscuit!

Tesco’s Value Jaffa Cakes are most certainly a biscuit in my book – they consist of thin circular sponge ‘cakes’ on which lies a disc of orange jelly that is covered in milk chocolate. However McVitie’s (the makers of the original Jaffa Cakes) were actually taken to court in 1991 by HM Customs & Excise who claimed these ‘cakes’ were biscuits (then cakes were classed as luxury items and are not subject to VAT as biscuits were) but McVitie’s won the case, so I guess that means theoretically they ARE cakes – but they’re still a biscuit to me!

So why do I buy Tesco Value Jaffa Cakes when McVitie’s make and sell the original – one reason and one reason alone – the price!

At 72p for 24 of these delicious Tesco biscuits (or should I say cakes!) they certainly are a bargain when you realise that at the same shop 24 McVitie’s Jaffa Cakes will cost me £1.89, more than twice the price, no contest and certainly they deserve their ‘value’ status.

Personally, despite McVitie’s claims that their Jaffa Cakes are “THE ORIGINAL…AND STILL THE BEST”, I can see no difference in either appearance or taste between the two products – nutritionally they are very similar – a Tesco Jaffa cake contains 42calories and 0.6g saturated fat while a McVitie’s contain 46calories and 0.5g saturated fat.

The Tesco Value Jaffa Cakes can be found on the biscuits aisle of both the shop and the online store; they come in the plain white (recyclable) cardboard value range box with a simple blue band and a picture of some of the biscuits on the front.

Inside the biscuits cone in two clear plastic packs of 12, which mean that you’re not tempted to sit and eat all 24 of them – although they are so addictive you easily could do! Each biscuit (around 2” in diameter) consists of a thin, rather dry sponge (like the sponge fingers that you use for making trifle) topped with a delicious orangey jelly that has just the right amount of zing and is not overly sweet, this jelly is covered in a very thin layer of smooth dark chocolate that marries with the orange flavour really well.

The taste is really special, unlike any other type of biscuit, the sponge is light and airy although a little dry – but this dryness is rectifies by the gooiness of the jelly. The dark chocolate adds an intense flavour to the biscuit and finishes it off perfectly.

In conclusion if you want a chocolate and orange biscuit that’s really a cake, and one that is deliciously addictive, you won’t go far wrong than buying a pack of these Tesco Value Jaffa Cakes!

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