By attaining good thermage reviews you can determine if this method is one to consider. This could possibly be the key anti aging facial treatment you have been looking for. Thermage is known as a non surgical process which uses radio frequency to treat troubled skin on the face. What role this process play is […]

When is a cake not a cake? When it’s a biscuit! Tesco’s Value Jaffa Cakes are most certainly a biscuit in my book – they consist of thin circular sponge ‘cakes’ on which lies a disc of orange jelly that is covered in milk chocolate. However McVitie’s (the makers of the original Jaffa Cakes) were […]

Chamomile is one of the best known herbs used as a medicinal tea. Even people unfamiliar with herbal tea are likely to know of chamomile. Gentle and soothing, chamomile is well known for easing upset stomachs and aiding relaxation and sleep. Mild in both taste and effects, it is safe to enjoy anytime, with the […]

Decorating a cake can be an easy and satisfying project even for the least creative baker.  With time and practice, a beginning baker will soon move beyond Cake Decorating 101 to tackling more adventurous cake decorating projects. Starting at the beginning, however, the first step to dressing up a cake is to ice it.  Cookbooks, […]

I am sure that most people have seen BabyBel, the packs of tiny red wheels of cheese (looking rather like tiny red hockey pucks!) on the supermarket shelves, I also fancy that most of you have thought of these cheeses as being mainly a children’s snack – or as something for the kid’s lunch boxes!  […]

It is no secret that I am a fan of chocolate. To say the least, I love chocolate. My love for chocolate is unsurpassed by any of my peers. I love anything and all things chocolate. Although I have never tried a chocolate covered insect, if one must eat a bug this is certainly the […]