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Chamomile is one of the best known herbs used as a medicinal tea. Even people unfamiliar with herbal tea are likely to know of chamomile. Gentle and soothing, chamomile is well known for easing upset stomachs and aiding relaxation and sleep. Mild in both taste and effects, it is safe to enjoy anytime, with the consideration that it may cause drowsiness. It comes as no surprise, then, that Celestial Seasonings, well known for its unique herbal tea blends, offers basic chamomile tea as well.

Celestial Seasonings chamomile tea, having no ingredients other than chamomile, is much simpler and blander than most other Celestial Seasonings teas. The company offers several more flavorful variations: Honey Vanilla Chamomile, Sweet Clementine Chamomile, and Sweet Apple Chamomile, basic chamomile teas with added flavors. Chamomile is also a main ingredient in many of Celestial Seasonings’ more famous blends, including Sleepytime, which lends its name to the Boulder, Colorado road where the company is headquartered.

No matter how many chamomile blends and flavors Celestial Seasonings may offer, basic chamomile remains one of their most popular and easiest to find teas. Its taste and effects are comparable to other brands of chamomile: no better and no worse. The box the tea is currently (as of January 2010) marketed in, and the descriptive blurb on the Celestial Seasonings website, describe it as a blend of “golden Egyptian chamomile” with a “delicate floral quality” and “chamomile from Mexico” that gives it a “sweet, earthy flavor.”

This, then, is a globe trotting chamomile tea. For those who like the idea of an exotic beverage, chamomile from Egypt and Mexico in the same cup may be a selling point. For people who, on the grounds of leaving a smaller carbon footprint, prefer to get their food and beverages from closer to home, the resources required to import chamomile – which grows well almost everywhere on the globe – from such far flung locales may seem despicably wasteful.

To be fair, most chamomile tea purveyors do not tell the consumer where their chamomile comes from. That Celestial Seasonings does – assuming they use exclusively Mexican and Egyptian chamomile – can be held to their credit.

Celestial Seasonings chamomile tea is simple, basic, and classic. Those who want more flavor along with the soothing effects can choose from several flavored versions, offered only by Celestial Seasonings. Those who prefer the effects without the fanfare would do just as well to drink the basic chamomile. In that, Celestial Seasonings does no better and no worse than any other brand.

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