Thermage Reviews: Anti Aging Facial Treatment

By attaining good thermage reviews you can determine if this method is one to consider. This could possibly be the key anti aging facial treatment you have been looking for. Thermage is known as a non surgical process which uses radio frequency to treat troubled skin on the face. What role this process play is that it corrects wrinkled skin. These radio frequencies will not damage the external layer of skin. Pulses of heat in the form of radio waves are then applied to the surface of the face. This application now causes the collagen to thicken. In addition the wrinkles smooth out and tightens the skin which in turn improves the skins appearance. This method is also productive for skin that has been damaged by the sun. What makes this procedure popular is that the time of recovery is short.

One thing you need to know is that the skin is constructed in layers of two. The first layer of skin is known as the epidermis which is the surface. The second layer of skin is called dermis which is rich in collagen. This layer is under the epidermis. Due to aging and years of exposure to the sun the production of collagen decreases. Because of this the dermis layer will thin out and the epidermis layer will become wrinkled. This will also cause a sagging feature in the epidermis. The use of Thermage will improve collagen production will tighten and firm the skin on the face.

Thermage is a much milder option versus using injections and creams as a treatment. You would probably agree that this can be a better option other than surgery. Although heat is applied through laser technology it is much different from Thermage. The risk with using laser technology is that it can damage the epidermis which is the top layer. The advantage of Thermage is that it cools the skin while the heat is employed. in result the heat works deep in the dermis layer without damaging the epidermis or the surface. The process of deep heating improves the collagen and helps in the creation of more making this an effective thermage procedure.