Treat Drug Addiction with the Power of Nature

Wilderness programs are eco-therapies that impact the critical thinking and behavior of the participant. The integration of adventure programs and outdoor therapy helps in connecting you or your loved one with the simple joys of life and teaches lessons to thrive in the wilderness.

The participants get to explore new spheres of their lives, discover their inner self and the potential they posses. The activities include meditation, physical fitness, nutritional knowledge, journal-keeping, group activities, cookouts and teamwork activities. Learn more on How Long does Adderall Stay in Your System?

Outdoor therapy

Outdoor activities include challenges present in the nature like rock climbing, trekking, water-sports and backpacking. The natural hurdles help people establishing a deeper connection with the mother-nature, facing challenges and taking actions. The activities also teach teamwork, responsible behavior and control. The goal is to impart learning from such activities to be able to face with challenges in dealing with the addiction.

This therapy will renew you with self-reliance, self-respect, confidence, team player and leadership skills. The impact is positive and contributes in the long lasting recovery of the individual.

Clinical Support

The team of proficient staff carries the experience and knowledge to guide you in your recovery process. Each and every individual participant’s needs are understood to design a recovery method suitable to them.


The healing is through group therapies which are available for men, women or family. Daily living skills motivate the participant in living everyday life and overcoming day to day obstacles. The individual therapies help you face life. Group therapies drive the participants to motivate each other and take the positive power of the group to emerge as successful in beating the addition. The duration of the program is usually for 10-20 days and many institutes accept grants and insurance.


Drug rehab wilderness programs are successful when the recovery lasts. For it they help the participants to join support group close to their home community for continues care and support.